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Automatic setup/installer: str500d.exe (3.2 MB) or as ZIP-file: (2.1 MB)

The setup/installer requires administrator rights to the computer. Users without administrator rights (or Windows XP users because the installer no longer supports XP) cannot run the installer, but the program itself can still be used; just download the ZIP-file. Users of Windows 10/11 have to unblock the ZIP-file after downloading: in Explorer choose 'Properties' of the ZIP-file and then check 'Unblock' on the first tab. Then, unzip de ZIP-file and run the executable 'Strodio.exe'.

This is a demoversion of the software. Registered users cannot turn this demoversion into a full version. We will send new versions by email to registered users with a servicecontract.

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Strodio is a program for visualizing traffic flows on traffic junctions, roundabouts and networks of roads (intersection/junction flowdiagram/flowchart, traffic diagram). After giving in the traffic volumes you can print the diagram or export it to a file. This file can be imported in a drawing program or a word processor.
Strodio can create right-hand and left-hand traffic volume diagrams.

You can download the demoversion for free. A few example-diagrams:
- Four-arms junction;
- Three-arms roundabout.

The following diagrams are only available for users with a servicecontract:
- Six-arms junction;
- Seven-arms junction;
- Eight-arms junction;
- Six-arms roundabout;
- Four-arms junction incl. bicyclists and pedestrians;
- Four-arms junction incl. bicyclists and pedestrians and U-turns;
- Five-arms junction incl. bicyclists and pedestrians;
- Four-arms roundabout incl. bicyclists and pedestrians;
- Four-arms roundabout incl. bicyclists and pedestrians and U-turns;
- Five-arms roundabout incl. bicyclists and pedestrians;
- Four-arms roundabout with U-turns;
- Haarlemmermeer;
- Origin-Destination-survey (maximum 6 posts at this moment);
- Two junctions;
- Three junctions.

Strodio is available in 4 different versions:
Demoversion, see above;
Full version A: with servicecontract (more diagrams);
Full version B: without servicecontract;
Batch-server release (version A is included).

Full versions A and B are the same, except for the number of diagrams that are available. The diagrams that are not included in the demoversion, are also not included in version B. We have the intention to bring out new diagrams regularly. These diagrams are only available for users with a servicecontract.

A special release of Strodio is available that works as a batch-server. For example, this version can continuously be carried out on a (web)server to generate flow diagrams based on actual traffic volumes that are available in a database. Strodio can export these diagrams to the (online) user. To the batch-server release apply different license terms compared to a regular license. Please contact us for more information.


English, Dutch and customizable


See ReadMe.txt


Frequently Asked Questions and Tips


MS Windows 11 / 10 / 8 / 7 / Vista / XP


Please contact us for information about prices and optional servicecontracts (versions A and B). Just ask without any obligation for a registrationform.


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