Download- and/or install-problems

We cannot download the program.
Sometimes the server is too busy so you cannot download the program. Please try again later.

After downloading we get an error while trying to install the program.
Probably there was an error while downloading the program so the install-program was not fully downloaded. Try again to download the program by a "hard" download (you can do this in your browser by holding down the Ctrl- and Shift-buttons while clicking on the link).

Windows Defender message.
When starting the setup or application that you've just downloaded, there can be a message saying 'Windows protected your PC'.
Sometimes now you can choose 'More info' and/or 'Run anyway'.
If that's not possible, start Windows Explorer, right-click on the file, choose 'Properties' and check 'Unblock'.

If you still get an error, please contact us.

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